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  • ReactOs, a light and powerful (and free) alternative/upgrade to win XP

    Interesting solution for musician. But currently available only in alpha version.

    More info here.

    The making of “How to measure the sky”

    A little video excerpt taken from the first session for “How to…”
    Little moments of pure experimentation & improvisation before start recording.

    Building up a patch with the DSP system modular from Sonic | Core.

    9 February 2012, “How to measure the sky” is out!

    Hello people, finally, after almost one year of work, my awaited new album is out!

    Available in this site as free download with free donation, or as physical CD product, or as download in several music stores around the net (iTunes, Amazon, Nokia Music Store, and many others)



    So stay tuned for news and happy listening :)

    Opening day…

    I think that is the right time to renew and inaugurate my new website.
    The particular occasion is the imminent publication of my new album “How to measure the sky“.
    So stay tuned…


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