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    Letter of September (Sunset in Osaka) (2016)

    “Letter of September (Sunset in Osaka)” from Dropout’s album “Letters from exile” – Official videoclip.
    Music: Dropout
    Video: Mattia Burattin
    © 2016 Cactusound

    Minor White (2013)

    “Minor White” from Dropout’s album “How to measure the sky” – Official videoclip.
    Music: Dropout
    Director: Regina Huebner
    © 2013 Cactusound-R.Huebner

    AV Linux 6.0, a complete A/V studio based on Linux

    AV Linux is a custom shop modded and rodded 32bit Linux based Operating System built from a hand-picked selection of available tools including Debian/GNU Linux, the LXDE Desktop Environment and Remastersys. It is first and foremost a well-rounded OS suited for most common daily computer tasks and runs on most PC’s and Intel Macs. On top of this versatile base is a full complement of the best Linux Audio and Video creation software encompassing both open-source excellence and commercial demos. It can be operated in a variety of ways including running from a LiveDVD, LiveUSB or installed to the Hard Drive either by itself or as a Dual-Boot with another Operating System. As an installed Operating System AV Linux differs from many other Desktop Linux Distributions in that it provides a complete, stable pre-tested and state-of-the-art user experience free from constant pestering for superfluous system updates.

    With Ardour 3.0 beta it supports flawless VST/VSTi from windows apps.
    It worth a try…

    Raymond Scott

    RAYMOND SCOTT [1908-1994]: Composer, inventor, pianist, engineer, electronic music pioneer, and control freak.

    LA PRIMA VOLTA – documentary (2006)

    A documentary by Antonella Restelli and Patrizia Stellino, it tells the hope of achievement and the changing role of women in civil society and politics, during the first vote ever (in Italy) in 1946, through struggles for work after the war, the great transformations of the ’70s, up to street demonstrations today.

    Concept, script and direction: Antonella Restelli
    Editing and photography: Patrizia Stellino
    Music by: Marco Schiavoni, David Burattin [aka Dropout]
    Duration: 50 ‘
    Year: 2006
    Manufactured by: City of Reno Calderara
    in collaboration with Antonella Restelli, Patrizia Stellino
    Patronage: ANED Bologna, Bologna Provincial Committee ANPI


    An interesting academic project about a MIDI drawable controller:


    More info here


    Behind the scenes:


    Anyway a good and cheap substitute could be this:

    Multitrack stems from “How to measure the sky” for remix

    Here available some multitrack stems taken from the “How to measure the sky” album.
    This is a pure matter for Djs or producer… then if U want, please feel free to download, listen, remix and tweak all of these songs.
    Just only remember that all the rights are registred to Dropout – D.Burattin and Catusound, so before spreading your remix results across the world, please, contact us first for the permission :)
    And then, of course, you can publish/distribute all this only with the clear indication of provenance of the authors and with a link to this site. Thanks & good work ;)


    The funeral parade of roses multitrack-FLAC [234mb]

    Minor White multitrack-FLAC [35.6mb]

    Richtfunkstelle Berlin multitrack-Frohnau-FLAC [72.2mb]

    The best way to escape multitrack-FLAC [206mb]

    From London Bridge to Clapham South multitrack-FLAC [181mb]


    unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording without permission are prohibited.
    © 2012 Dropout – D.Burattin

    The funeral parade of roses (2012)

    “The funeral parade of roses” from Dropout’s album “How to measure the sky” – Official videoclip.
    Music: Dropout
    Director: Paola Rotasso
    © 2012 Cactusound-P.Rotasso

    Unique Soviet Synth ANS (BBC documentary)

    The ANS was used by Stanislav KreichiAlfred SchnittkeEdison DenisovSofia Gubaidulina, and other Soviet composers. Edward Artemiev wrote many of his scores of the movies of Andrei Tarkovsky with the help of the ANS. Notably is Artemiev’s score of Tarkovsky’s Solaris in which the ANS was used to abstract, sci-fi effect akin to ambient music.

    More info on Wikipedia HERE.

    The lost track

    When I was studing something about Beatles mixing procedures, about the art of a true guru like George Martin and EMI Maida Vale studios, for my “How to measure the sky” album, I came across this rare document that I share with you.
    In this video, in which Beatles producer George Martin and his son Giles, as well as George Harrison’s son Dhani, are listening to the source tracks from this wonderful song, and unexpectedly discover a take of George’s guitar that never made it into the final mix. A rare and magic moment! …and a bit ‘of envy! <;)

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