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Cactustudio Graphic Design & Multimedia

Facebook Page [Dropout on Facebook]



Antonio Giacca [the coolest DJ!]

Sanfocahotel – Urkuma [amazing noises]

Tiziano Popoli [the minimalist]

NoEgo [the masters of mix]

Swift Mastering Studio UK [Alex Balzama's UK mastering studio]

DJ Micron [DnB composer]

Blog ALampis [A.Lampis - refined DJ culture]

Fuoriquadro [Video Artists Association]

Francesca Grilli [Video Artist]



CD4 Sale [Oderso Rubini's CD shop in Bologna] [THE fanzine]

Multimedia Press [CD&DVD production]

KVR Audio [VST forum]

PlanetZ [forum about Creamware's Scope system]

Mercatinomusicale [italian second hand audio gear]

Sonicstate [audio gear newsletter]

Vintage Synth Explorer [vintage synth resource]

Synth Museum [vintage synth resource]

Synthzone [synth resource]

Sonic|Core [the best DSP based audio system]

Universal Audio [amazing DSP effects board]

Xelenio [italian audio software resource]

Ars Electronica Festival [THE electronica festival]

Soulseek [electronic music P2P]

Newgroove [italian online pro audio shop]

ISIA Urbino [the italian school of design] [modular analog system]

FreeSoundProject [a collaborative database of sounds]

Pure Data [experimental music enviroment]

Tweakbench [free VST synth & efx]


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