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8 dicembre 2011

Use Audio Plugiator (2008)

This box is a DSP based combination, from Use Audio, of 6 different synthesizers, it features the same exact technology from Sonic|Core formerly Creamware DSP platforms.
I personally love very much this little, cheap, underrated but very well sounding gear.
Usually I prefer to switch off its built-in effect chain to obtain a true emulation of famous names as:


Arp Odyssey

Prophet 5

Hammond B3

And 2 new concept synthesizers and a beautiful vocoder:


It features an interesting software editor via USB for the realtime programming of the patches:

It also works as VSTi into your sequencer, linked via USB cable.


A good sound demo (in German speak) is here in youtube:


Here some reviews: SoundOnSound, Amazona DE,

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