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7 dicembre 2011

Roland JX-3P (1984)

According to the Vintage Synts Explorer, the Roland JX-3P is: “a pretty good synth, best known for a good string sound. It came about at the same time as the Juno series but represents a shift towards digital circuitry, push-buttons and (for the JX-3P) simplified programming. Compared with a Juno, the JX-3P sounds inferior however it is analog and capable of decent synth sounds for cheap. You will need the PG-200 programmer if you want real control of it. It’s a six voice polyphonic with two DCO’s per voice which means analog oscillators and sounds with digital stability and control. The typical assortment of filter, envelope, LFO and oscillator sections are here with easy and straight-forward programming.” and also “Surprisingly, the JX-3P is MIDI equipped, in fact it was Roland’s first MIDI synth but was very limited to basic note on/off information only. Synths like the Juno 106 have far better MIDI implementation and sounds. Although the JX-3P may not be as nice or professional as a Juno, it makes a great entry level Vintage synth capable of creating some useful classic analog sounds. The JX-3P also came in a rack-mount version called the MKS-30. It has beenused by The Future Sound of London, Astral Projection, Vince Clarke, Orbital, Luke Vibert, Stevie Nicks, and Thomas Dolby.”


Here a picture of the PG-200 (a must have stuff for a realtime sound tweaking… sadly often it costs like the JX-3P!):


Next a nice sound demo from WC Olo Garb (Poland):


Almost every info or file related to this beautiful and underrated synthesizer is collected here: Florian Anwander’s Website. A very good resource for JX-3P owners, where they can find manual, schematics, service manual and tips.


Another new modding is available at Kiwi Technics JX-3P upgrade, this upgrade allow to obtain full midi sysex and many other cool features . Highly recomended: after this your JX-3P will becomes a synth IMO better than Jupiter 6.


A couple of videos about Kiwi Technics JX-3P upgrade:

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