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18 maggio 2012

LA PRIMA VOLTA – documentary (2006)

A documentary by Antonella Restelli and Patrizia Stellino, it tells the hope of achievement and the changing role of women in civil society and politics, during the first vote ever (in Italy) in 1946, through struggles for work after the war, the great transformations of the ’70s, up to street demonstrations today.

Concept, script and direction: Antonella Restelli
Editing and photography: Patrizia Stellino
Music by: Marco Schiavoni, David Burattin [aka Dropout]
Duration: 50 ‘
Year: 2006
Manufactured by: City of Reno Calderara
in collaboration with Antonella Restelli, Patrizia Stellino
Patronage: ANED Bologna, Bologna Provincial Committee ANPI

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